Market research


"Marketing without data is like driving with your eyes closed."

Dan Zarrella

Why is market research important in MedTech?

Embedding meaningful market research into your product or service development projects fosters a customer-centric approach to ensure your solution meets real customer needs. Well-targeted products and services, informed by market intelligence and aligned with a robust strategic plan, are more impactful for potential customers, investors and commercial partners. Powerful insights drive more informed decision-making to reduce risk and accelerate profitability.
Our structured discovery approach allows us to evaluate product concepts or prototypes, determine which market segments are attractive, create target customer personae and pinpoint your medical technology’s best market fit.



You approach us with an identified knowledge gap or a problem to be solved.


Discussion &

An in-depth online discovery session explores and confirms the problem to be solved and your project requirements.


Planning &

We prepare the market research plan to meet your brief and submit our proposal for you to review.



We use selected methodologies to collect data in an ethical and industry compliant manner, providing you with feedback along the way.


Analysis &

By applying our extensive industry experience, we identify trends, threats, opportunities and potential solutions to your problem.


Visualisation &

Our findings are delivered in a final presentation that informs your future actions.

Our market research methodologies

Callisto - Our market research methodologies Graphic
Qualitative Market Research Icon
Qualitative Market Research

Our qualitative research explores customer or patient experiences, motives, opinions and behaviours, providing you with a telescopic view into satisfaction levels, pain-points and unmet needs.

Callisto facilitates carefully structured interactions with expert stakeholders that return illuminating and actionable insights.

Every project includes:

Online client discovery session

Respondent profiling, search and engagement

Discussion guide & stimulus deck creation

Interview scheduling & delivery

Professional transcription & translation

Analysis & reporting in preferred format

Administration of honoraria payments

quantitative Market Research Icon
quantitative Market Research

Our quantitative research collects and analyses data about customers and markets using well-defined metrics. It reveals patterns and generates predictions. It can also be scaled up from representative samples to reflect an entire group of customers or segment customers with similar attributes, so that you get a clear picture of your optimal target customer.

We design effective online surveys and deploy them on our GDPR compliant platform to return high-quality, actionable data. By efficiently pre-screening potential respondents, we ensure data relevance, accuracy and integrity.

Every project includes:

Virtual client discovery session

Respondent profiling

Survey design

Respondent search & engagement

Survey deployment on Callisto platform

Analysis & reporting in preferred format

Administration of survey completion payments

Secondary Market Research Icon
Secondary Market Research

By applying our extensive industry experience, we efficiently collect, analyse and interpret relevant data for inclusion in your planning and development processes. Whether you seek broad-ranging market information or need to fill a specific knowledge gap to advance decision-making, the information you receive is clear, comprehensive, impartial and timely.

Our key sources include government statistics, market reports, industry publications, clinical and scientific journals, medical societies, patient advocacy groups, competitive websites and proprietary databases.

Every project includes:

Full market landscaping

Market entry prioritisation

Competitive strategy and positioning

Pricing evaluations

Market Requirements Document (MRD) writing

Product Requirements Document (PRD) writing

State of the Art (SOTA) reviews

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