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"An organization’s ability to learn, and translate that learning into action rapidly, is the ultimate competitive advantage."

Jack Welch

KOL Profiling & Engagement

Finding, engaging and managing the right key-opinion-leaders is critical to your peer-to-peer advocacy and promotional efforts.
We find ideal candidates based on your company goals, culture and budget. Whether you’re looking for an established thought leader or an up-and coming hotshot, we can help you find your voice. We conduct our search based on your specific criteria, and we screen every candidate ourselves before passing them on to you for consideration. We can even advise upon and manage the contractual process for engagement.   By making it a turn-key process, we save you time, effort and frustration.

Partner Profiling & Engagement

With many decades of collective experience in the MedTech industry, we have an enviable network of high-value contacts. Our connections include healthcare pioneers, industry icons and sales leaders in organisations that can can positively impact your commercial trajectory.
If we don’t have the perfect connection for you, we’ll search until we find it. We can then assist you in the outreach process and help you close the deal.

Training & Support Programs

Over the last thirty years, our team has created dozens of training programs for global MedTech market leaders, and we’ve delivered that training to hundreds of salespeople around the world. By engaging our commercial and clinical expertise, we can help you develop creative blended training resources that efficiently transfer critical knowledge and skills to boost sales team effectiveness.
We also work with our clients to develop educational programs and resources for clinical end-user training that accurately articulate your value proposition, present need-to-know information and deliver supporting scientific data in an ethical and compliant manner.
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