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Rick's international career spans more than thirty years in senior sales management, marketing, product management & business development roles within medical technology startups and bluechip companies in Europe and the U.S.A.
He has acquired an impressive collection of medical conference badges since 1988.
Rick is an elected Fellow of the U.K Chartered Institute of marketing & a member of the Market Research Society.
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Amy has worked in customer relations and technical sales for 15 years. She has managed regional sales and delivered national training programs for industry-leading optical manufacturers Essilor and Avizor. Amy provides a dedicated approach to researching the backgrounds and needs of each medical technology client to deliver an exceptional consulting service.
She manages our growing team from our offices located in beautiful Malvern, conducts outreach for market research projects, and provides invaluable support to the company and our clients.
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Our mission

To improve human health by effectively supporting our clients’ efforts to design, develop and launch better life-enhancing medical technologies.

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Our vision

To live in a world where everyone has access to effective and affordable medical technologies that improve and save lives.

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Our promise

To constantly challenge ourselves to be better and to do better for our clients, our partners and our team members.

The inspiration behind Callisto MedTech Partners

Like any new organisation, we tried to think of a name that was different and memorable. We spent many evenings around our dining table (and usually over a bottle of wine!) deciding how we could build our brand to represent everything that we wanted it to be. It was during one of these creative sessions that our then five-year-old daughter said, “you could name it after me!”.

Callie, as we affectionately call her, is named after Jupiter’s’ moon Callisto. The Latin feminine is Callista, which means ‘most beautiful’. With family at the heart of everything we do, we felt that the representation of our clients as the planet Jupiter and Callisto as the nearby orbiting moon would reflect what our business represents – support, closeness and positive influence.

The astronaut imagery, we admit, is not commonly used for MedTech but we loved it for a reason. It conveys discovery, partnership and shared adventure - themes that are central to what we do. Much like space exploration, medical innovation takes courage, meticulous planning and flawless execution. We think it fits.

So that’s us! The family team behind Callisto.

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